A beautiful lawn is every homeowner’s dream in the Outer Banks. Outer Banks landscaping can make your dream come true. Make your neighbors envy you this year with your perfectly well kept lawn. It is not that difficult as you might feel it is. All you have to do is keep certain things in mind and maintain them and here are some effective tips for you.

Regular cutting

If you want to maintain proper aesthetics, a regular cutting is very crucial. The directions and pattern of mowing will also have to be changed every time. Moreover, the degree of mowing is very important as well. The height of the grass should not be made too short otherwise maintenance procedures will become hefty.

Proper Fertilization

Just like human beings and animals, plants also require their own share of nutrients and for that you need to give them the right fertilizers in appropriate amounts. Some of the most important nutrients needed to maintain a beautiful lawn are nitrogen, potassium and phosphorus. When you do regular cutting, it removes the nutrients and so you need to apply these fertilizers from time to time to replenish the source.

Weed Control

Weeds are very dangerous and can completely destroy your lawn. With the right technique, you can get rid of weeds completely. But for that, hiring professional services is always recommended. You can do that all by yourself as well but you should keep in mind that applying the weedicides should not hamper the pH level of the soil otherwise the grasses will die and you will be left with a barren land.

Sufficient Watering

A lush green lawn requires adequate amounts of water. But how much water you need to provide and how many times a day will mostly depend on temperature and humidity. If you think watering your entire lawn manually is a tedious task, then you will get several machines that can do the task for you.

Hire Professional Landscaping Services

Professional Outer Banks landscaping services can give you that picture-perfect lawn as they are highly experienced in this field with experts who have in-depth knowledge. Their methods of watering will also give you a full coverage which is not always possible when you do it all by yourself.

When you have a beautiful lawn, it automatically increases the value of your house. And if you follow the above tips, you can keep the grass green in your lawn throughout the year.

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