Crew Cutters landscaping, lawn care and tree services was first established on the Outer Banks, YEARS ago. Since first starting, we’ve gained a great deal of hands on experience. This type of experience helped us to expand our to those in need in the Outer Banks location. Since we chose to relocate to the Outer Banks, we saw a need for quality lawn care service. We decided to reach out and help to fill that need by providing excellent service to the Outer Banks community.

Our Experience

We’ve gained a great deal of experience from our past OBX projects. Thus, we are able to provide you with excellent service and only the type of quality that you deserve. Why not let someone who understands just how important a well groomed lawn is do the work for you. We will make sure you are fully satisfied with the job we’ve performed.

In addition to quality lawn care maintenance, offer landscaping and tree services on the Outer Banks. We stand by our word and make sure we take care of all your household needs, by providing nothing short of spectacular service in all areas of your household maintenance.

Great Pricing

If price is an issue, just simply inquire for an estimate and we can let you know how much your job will be. We guarantee to provide outstanding, quality service at an affordable price. Don’t let money stand in the way of getting excellent service.

Once you have gotten an estimate of our services do not hesitate to call us with any concerns or questions you may have.

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